The first hackathron of the year

  • This hackathron is held in kent state university ohio
    • And the following is the schedule of it.

After arrive at kent state university

  • well, actually it is kind of country side so when I try to book a uber , I need to wait for 10+ mins.
  • When I arrived at the fashion school library, people there was still preparing for the hackathron check in. So I went to a donut restaurant to grab some food in case they do not provide foor at night.
  • Check in is really boring, if you get a student id from a US university, you will be good to go.

walk around the building

  • well, the product designed here is actully not bad

skip the boring opening ceremony

  • They actually provide a lot of hardware for you to play with.
    • arduino
    • body scanner
      • one of my teammate go in and try the machine. however the data is not quite useful.
    • two 3D printer
      • well, in this hackathron many people use the printer and the printer actually help them a lot

about the project

after finishing the project, expo

  • My teammate will introduce the project in the expo and when it comes to the tech detail. I will be answering.
  • There are actually some good design in this hackathron.
    • 1.This one put two eletronic board on the eye glass. and you will be able to change the picture display on it.

      • a good tools for party.
    • 2.This one embed a eletronic board on the bag and you will be able to change the light display on it.

      • a good tools for party.
    • 3.These two, look like they use tech on scarf and bra.