The second hackathron of the year

  • This hackathron is held in florida state university, Tallassee
    • before the check in, I found a restaurant that sells biscuit sandwish
      • However, the only thing I want to say about the food is …. it sucks.

After arrive at florida state university

  • check in is the same as the other hackathron, just show them your student id.
  • Seems I am the only one that fly from chicago and arrive first. Those guys seems to be more excited than I am.

walk around the building

  • The hackathron is held in the science library.
    • Actually there are not much books and feels like more a living rather than a library.
  • Some guys are setting up n64 game console and I feel really weird to see this kind of old stuff here.
  • One of the most important thing during this hackathron is that Apple company is sponsoring. And they are also looking for intern too.

opening ceremony

  • The opening ceremony is held somewhere else.


  • Oh my god, finally comes some rice not pizza and sandwish.
  • However, the quantity is limit and I eat 6 apple, drink 10 bottles of water during the weekend.
  • I hate the hackathron that do not provide enough food!!!
  • The food looks like some kind of mexican food or indiana food.

hardware provided

  • They actually provide a lot of hardware for you to play with.
    • arduino
    • 3D printer
    • leap motion
    • oculus rift

solo hackathron

  • This time, due to I am not quite interested in the project they provide during the team forming. I decided to work alone.
  • It is lucky that I found a room for myself.

about the project

  • I write a chrome plugin to analyse the comment and visualize it.
  • I was targeting the prize that provide by a sponsor which is an insurance company.
    • Althrough I do not get the prize, I still think my project is much better than the one is awarded.
    • So I am not help that company to promote by writing they name every where HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • The poster I draw for the expo
  • The project code link is : https://github.com/pbking1/comment_visualizer
  • The project video link is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JtgYmPjNis

after finishing the hackathron, Travel begin!

  • I fly to miami and stay in a house book using Airbnb
    • I have to say Airbnb and uber, lyft is one of the greatest thing invented in the past 2 years.
  • The house is located in 1450 meridian Ave, just next to Miami beach.
    • The house is so nice that it provide almost everything I need.
    • Here are some pictures of it.


  • Well, due to I am confident to cook seafood better than most of the restaurant, I decide to go the fish market in the morning and buy myself some lobster, snow crab and king crab!
    • The Australian lobster is so big and taste fantastic!

Gun Shooting!

  • I always wants to go to the gun store and shot some guns!
  • The gun store I found is called “Lock & Load”
    • not far away from Miami downtown.
  • Here is some gun display on the wall

    • AK47
    • Century Club
    • Sniper! My favorate one
  • Try the guns!

    • FN HERSTAL SCAR 17 HEAVY(.308)
      • The sniper is really loud and smell really bad.
      • But it feel badass when shooting it!
      • The coach give me the bullet shell of the snipper
        • 2016-2-5—2-7-hackFSU_florida

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

  • After playing the guns, I go to the museum to get some fresh air.
  • Being a student is really nice because you have discount every where in US. HAHAHAHA
  • This place is built by some one that wants to duplicate the European style.
    • Althrough I do not know much about those stuff, but I walk in such a big house and garden is really enjoyable.

little havana

  • The only famous thing I saw from Internet that little havana is Versailles cuba restaurant
    • The food there is ok, but not as good as I can imaged
    • chicken
      • 2016-2-5—2-7-hackFSU_florida
    • oxtail
      • 2016-2-5—2-7-hackFSU_florida

Espanola way

  • Accidentally encounter this street on my way to the beach.
  • A lot of restaurant, not much to see.

Some interesting shop

  • Well, I am not expected to see this kind of old fashion shop in US.

Miami Beach and South Beach

  • Well, The sand, water here is really good.
  • However it’s a pity that the temperature is not high enough to swim.
  • And no bikini !!!! The only reason I want to come to the beach is to see some bikini!
  • Except for the sand and water, the beach is not much excited because the beach in China has everything except the soft sand and clean water.
  • But it is quite enjoyable when walk on the sand.

in the miami airport

  • It is quite funny when I see a AD that use japanese game charactor to advertise.
  • And the company is LV!