Php Tutorial(1)

class 1

  • how the web site work when you request for the page
    • when you log into the internet, you request for the web server for a file that is the page.
    • if the web server is request for a html file, the server just give it back
    • else if it is the php file, the server send the php file to the php interpreter and process the php
      • and after the process, the interpreter give it back
      • (for php is an interpret kind of language and it do not need to be compile)
      • and then the server send the php file back to the web browser
    • if the php is interacting with the database, then the code of the php will have sql query with the database.
      • after the query, send back to the php interpreter and then send back to the server and then send back to the web browser

  • All in all, there are can be three layer in the environment
    • the front is the browser
      • html, css, coding logic
    • the middle is the server
      • web server and php interpreter
    • the database aspect is the third
      • mysql database engine
      • phpMyAdmin(DBMS)
  • the php interpretation run from the top of the file to the bottom of the top

class 2

  • ‘’ these two symbol can be the end of the string
  • the HEREdoc mechnic is the
    • remember that the final HERE should have no space in front of it
print <<<HERE
  • or you can use the filter_input method to validate the email easily.
    • such as without “.” “space” and so on.