The Difference Between Data Mining and Machine Learning

What is machine learning?

  • Machine learning is is a system that decide the system what to do next
    • but also improve the system with the answer that exist
  • It is focus more on a feedback framework.
    • That is to say, the system may be not very smart at first
      • but it may be smarter after training
  • What’s more, this area is one of the most important part in AI.
    • And the first aim to develop this method is that the scientist want to make the computer system ot have enough intelligence to develop AI.

what is data mining?

  • Data mining a kind of science that develop through the Internet.
    • And data mining is focusing more on the interaction between database and learning algorithm
  • And that’s why Google is so strong.
  • And what data mining do is to find the relation ship of the phrase in the data.

addition what is AI?

  • AI is called Artificial Intelligence
  • And I think that AI should contain the following component
    • Pattern recognition
    • Data mining
    • Machine learning
  • That is to say
    • every thing that is in the area making decision is AI.