Awards inside & outside school

  • 2013/10 2013 National Robocup, CAA, AnHui, HeFei
    • Got the second prize in WuShu stage race
  • 2013/10 The 4th Android application development race (China colleague), Google, China
    • Got the prize for excellence with the children app 《诗战》
    • Got the third prize with the music app 《一拍即合》
  • 2012/12 The 4th ICPC newcomer race, Sun Yat-Sen UNiversity, GuangZhou
    • Got the third prize
  • 2013/5 The 16th ACM school race, Sun Yat-sen University, GuangZhou
    • Got the third prize
  • 2013/6 2013 Sun Yat-Sen University Citi-Bank Innovation software competition, Sun Yat-Sen University, GuangZhou
    • Got one of the Best 10 masterpieces

Project of the class

  • Android class: The shooting game
    • An android game that simlulate the basketball game
  • Network secure class: Penertation testing
    • Use BT5 to attack WinXp and ubuntu
  • Intro to Robot: Simulate the robot
    • Use the V-Rep to simlute robot to search in the maze
  • Computer Internet: The minet
    • write a server in java and a client app in android, and the client can receive the message send from server

Project out of the class

  • ios internship
    • write the User Interface of the PM project.